JS.png Jamira Stephenson

Email: jasteph1@aggies.ncat.edu
Phone: 919-436-8126

Bachelor of Science in Chemistry
Anticipated May 2017
North Carolina A&T State University, Greensboro, North Carolina 27411

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North Carolina A&T – Department of Chemistry October 2015- Present
  • Research Assistant
    • Purity Analysis of Adulterated Essential Oils by FT-IR Spectroscopy and Partial-Least-Squares Regression
    • Analysis of pharmacological agents in human scalp hair
    • Trained in proper use of laboratory instruments (gas chromatography mass spectroscopy, Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR)
University of Penn Summer Undergraduate Internship Program (SUIP) June 2016- August 2016
  • Research Assistant
    • Analysis of Cytosolic Phospholipase (cPLA2) in Drug Induced Apoptosis Using Activated Fluorescence
    • Trained in proper use of lab instruments (Spectramax Spectrometer and Rotary Evaporator
    • Trained in Tissue/Cell culture
    • Attended weekly workshops and seminars
NSF HBCU-Up/ TALENT-21 Undergraduate Research January 2015-September 2015
  • Research Assistant
    • Analysis of Trace Elements in Human Scalp Hair
    • Trained in proper use of laboratory instruments (inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy, and atomic absorption spectroscopy)
    • Data analysis
    • Preparation of Hair samples
    • Sample digestion
North Carolina A&T 2015 Biomathmathmatics Research Institute May 2015- July 2015
  • Research Assistant
    • Simulating the Glucose and insulin response in Normal and Diabetic Humans
    • Trained in use of computer software programs (MATLAB, LaTeX, Wolfram Mathmetica)
    • Weekly Presentations

Peer Reviewed Publications

  1. Elzey, B.; Norman, V.; Stephenson, J.; Pollard, D.; Fakayode, S. O. "Purity Analysis of Adulterated Essential Oils by FTIR Spectroscopy and Partial-Least-Squares Regression." Spectroscopy. 2016, 31 (8), 26-37.


  1. Jamira Stephenson, Michael Chirazzo, Anatoliy V. Popov, E. James Delikatny, Measuring The Activity of Cytosolic Phospholipase (cPLA2) in Drug Induced Apoptosis Using Activated Fluorescence. The Leadership Alliance National Symposium, Stamford, Connecticut July 29, 2016
  2. Jamira A. Stephenson, Lareisha Maple, Hope Kumkali, A’ja V. Duncan, and Sayo O. Fakayode, Structural Activity Relationship of Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry Data of MetaboliteResidues and Controlled Substances in Human Scalp Hair for Biomedical Diagnosis and Forensic Study. The Emerging researchers National Conference in STEM, Washington, DC. February 20, 2016
  3. Jamira Stephenson, Beverly McLaughlin, Mihoshoty Yamaguchi, Gregory Goins. Simulating the Glucose-Insulin Response in Normal and Diabetic Humans. 2015 AGMUS Research Symposium, San Juan Puerto Rico August 29, 2015.Jamira Stephenson, Brandy Garvin, Rachel Parker, Devyn Smith, Jordan Terry, Bridgett Vick, Nequia Whitehurst , Shila Wofford. North Carolina A&T Aggie Sleuths, Greensboro, NC May 5, 2015.
  4. Stephenson, Jamira A., Kamukali, Hope, Duncan, A’ja, McDaniel, Kiara, Fakayode, Sayo O. Analysis of Trace Elements in Human Scalp Hair. The International Civil Rights Museum, Greensboro, NC. April 17, 2015.

Honors and Awards

  • North Carolina A&T Honors Program (Fall 2013-Present)
  • Dean’s List (Fall 2013-Spring 2016)
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement in Chemistry 2013-2016
  • HBCU-UP/ TALENT-21 (Spring 2015-Fall 2015)
  • ERN Conference Travel Award Recipient (February 2016)
  • MARC Scholar (Fall 2016-Present)

  • Chemistry Club Vice President 2016-2017

Community Service
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • University Welcome Week Ambassador

Research Advisors

Dr. Sayo Fakayode, Department of Chemistry, North Carolina A&T State University
Dr. James Delikatnty, Department of Radiology, Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania
Dr. Gregory Goins, Department of Biology, North Carolina A&T State University

Current Developments

  • I will be attending in the Annual Biomedical Conference for Minority Students (ABRCMS) in Tampa, Florida, November 9-12, 2016.