Scientific Competency Development
Laboratory and biotechnology technique development; improved scientific literature proficiency: reading comprehension and writing; and scientific communication: presentation skills and ability to understand and critique research findings.

Research Awareness & Dissemination (Research/Career Week Promotion) Exposure to on-campus research laboratories; promotion of biomedical research careers through guest speakers, laboratory tours, and on-campus laboratory rotations; graduate school recruitment fairs; and conducting an on-campus biomedical research symposium.

Professional Development
Monthly seminars and workshops related to writing personal statements, interviewing, time management, resume’ writing, summer internship application preparation, problem-solving and study skills.

Summer Research Internships - Exposure to varied research off-campus to gain hands-on experience and to develop a clearer understanding of what studying science entails. Identification of external summer research program opportunities and the facilitation of the completion of applications.

Scientific Meeting Awareness & Participation – Awareness of professional and semi-professional scientific conferences and meetings; how to prepare for scientific meetings; how to effectively network and interact with participants and leaders during and after scientific conferences.

Graduate School Application & Preparation - Seminars on: How to complete an graduate school application; how to secure a strong letter of recommendation; how to submit your application in a timely/competitive fashion; what to expect during your first year; and GRE preparation workshops.